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French Broad River East Bank Corridor, Asheville, NC

Today's Asheville exploration, dog walking at the French Broad River East Bank Corridor. A 2-mile greenway through the River Arts District. With spring quickly approaching, it's a great place to walk your dog, bike, jog, or have a picnic.

Some features:

- Numerous benches for resting and relaxing

- A public restroom

- Art studios, coffee shops, and restaurants

- Dog rest areas/waste disposal stations

- Dock for fishing

- Public parking

- Bike paths

- Picnic tables

- Outdoor sculptures


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    Tips for Preparing and Planning Your Garden for Spring and Summer

    When do I start preparing my yard and garden for warmer months, right now!

    1. Decide how you want to use your outdoor spaces.

    Sketch a plan or layout, this will help you plan your new vegetable garden or walking path. Here are a few planners to help you start.

    2. Update your tools if needed.

    Make sure your lawnmower, your clippers, and hose are all in good working order. Here are 25 Gardening Tools and Essentials for Year-Round Care

    3. Aerate & dethatch your lawn.

    Lawn aeration helps loosen compacted soil and allows vital air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots. Dethatching is removing the layer of living and dead grass and other plant material.

    Here are a few tips

    4. Fertilize.

    Start your lawn off right by giving a light dose of fertilizer including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Apply early spring lawn fertilizer once between February and April. Click here to see a month to month schedule

    5. Add mulch.

    Mulching helps stimulate plant health and growth. Most mulch will suppress weeds and other undesirable plants in your garden. Weeds compete with our trees and shrubs for vital nutrients and water. If we eliminate the weeds, the plant materials stand a far greater chance of survival. Weeds also make the garden look unsightly and messy. Your local Arden source is BB Barns.

    6. Plan your first seeds and bulbs.

    Cool-season vegetables can tolerate colder temperatures and some frost. March is a great time to plant vegetable seeds.

    Beautiful summer-flowering bulbs such as dahlias, cannas, and lilies can be planted in spring. If you can take pots under cover at night, you can plant up summer containers and hanging baskets in late spring.

    7. Prepare your plants for cold spells.

    Make sure plants are watered before a frost, except for succulents. Cover plants with a cloth or bucket before sunset the night frost is expected and remove the cover in the morning when the temperature warms up above freezing. Cold-hardy succulents need to be covered during a frost as well. If the plants are in containers, they can simply be placed in a sheltered location such as a garage overnight. Source

    Use a Frost Cloth for trees and shrubs

    8. Keep those pesky pests out.

    Pests aren’t limited to insects. In WNC they include raccoons, squirrels, bears, groundhogs, and more—anything that invades your garden uninvited. To minimize intrusions, try these strategies:

    - Lose the bird feeder and replace it with a birdbath, which you will want to refresh daily. Birds need water, and they will do a lot of insect control on their own.

    - Secure trash with bear and raccoon-proof closures. Do not keep sweets in the car and keep car doors locked.

    - Choose plants with a minimal appeal to animals and birds. Try the onion family, aromatic herbs, evergreens with pointy leaves or foliage, and plants with fuzzy branches or thorns.

    - Eliminate sources of standing water, which allow mosquitoes to breed during warm weather. Check drainage pipes and the shallow dishes holding potted plants. Source

    For more information on spring planting season visit The Old Farmer's Almanac, Planting Calendar for Asheville, NC


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      A Buyer's Letter to a Home Seller

      If you are buying a home in a seller's market, a well-written letter or "love letter" is one way to get noticed. Beyond paperwork and getting an offer over the asking price, the sellers have an emotional connection to their home. Some sellers prefer choosing a buyer who will love the home as much as they do, regardless of the type of offer. Being able to express that may be difficult without revealing too much.

      Unfortunately, what you share may illegally be used against you instead of helping you. It is illegal to discriminate based on a protected class when selling a home. This includes race, color, religion, sex or gender, disability, national origin, or familial status. When it comes to buyer letters, violations of the Fair Housing Act are rare, but they do exist regardless.

      "If the reason the seller 'liked' and chose the buyer was because of shared race, religion, national origin, or other characteristics that is a prohibited basis for differential treatment under fair housing law, it is possible the seller could be challenged for their decision." Vince Malta, president of the National Association of Realtors, said by email. (Source:

      Carefully consider these best practices before you compose the letter.
      Educate your clients about the fair housing laws and the pitfalls of buyer love letters.
      If you choose, you can inform your sellers that you will not deliver buyer love letters and advise others that no buyer love letters will be accepted as part of the MLS listing.
      Always remind your clients that their decision to accept or reject an offer should be based on objective criteria only.

      • If your client vehemently insists on drafting a buyer love letter, do not help your client draft or deliver it.
      • Avoid reading any love letter drafted or received by your client.
      • Document all offers received and the seller’s objective reason for accepting an offer.


      photo credit, Yan

      Sellers, Focus on the Offers, Not the Letters
      When evaluating purchase offers, sellers and real estate agents "should always solely consider the offer — not the people," 

      As a seller, here is what to focus on, according to the National Association of Realtors:
      - Merits of the offer, like the price and terms.
      - Likeliness of the sale to close.
      - Financial condition of the buyer.

      Are you still interested in writing a buyer letter?

      Here are some tips.

      Address the sellers with a professional greeting. Mr. Smith or Dr. Olivia Smith, for example. Use the seller's name. Your agent can provide that. Include both seller’s names if there is more than one.
      You can use a less formal greeting, such as Dear owner of the charming yellow cottage on Garden Lane.

      Get to the Point and Not Reveal Too Much
      The sellers do not need a timeline of your life from college to now. Make it short and to the point. Explain why you are the best buyer for the home in two or three points, including aspects of the home you would enjoy. Avoid discussing anything that identifies you as being within a protected class. Do not include a family photo. Less is more.

      "Our children, Tom and Sarah, will love playing in the large fenced-in backyard. Your vegetable garden would be in great hands. We love growing vegetables at home." 

      In this statement the buyer has revealed that they have children, that is a protected class, family status.

      photo credit, mentatdgt

      Stay Positive
      Focus on the positive side of your home buying journey, avoid stories of past offers on other homes or seeming desperate. Keep it light and focus on the key points.

      Why We Love This Home
      Sellers always take pride in their home; they know it inside and out. Even if you plan to remodel or change the home in some way, mention only positive features that have drawn you to the home. Leave out remodeling plans. Sellers may cherish the original green tile bathroom you dislike. Return to the property description, floor plan, and listing photos to refresh your memory.

      "We have been searching for a 1930s Arts and Craft Bungalow for years. Your restoration beautifully melds modern amenities with the original architectural features; it is exactly what we need!"

      photo credit�
      photo credit, cottonbro

      Find a Connection
      If you are a gardener, mention how much you admired the flower bed in the front yard. If the home has an art studio, mention your artistic abilities and how nice it would be to work there. This may be difficult if the home is empty or staged, then you may focus more on the architectural features, layout, neighborhood, or yard.

      "Your basement art studio would be the perfect place for me to paint. I've been painting for 10 years and currently rent a studio space, it would be so nice to be able to work at home."

      photo credit,

      Check Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation
      Ask that one person you know that corrects everyone's grammar to review your letter. You want to make a good first impression.

      Always include a proof of funds (cash buyer) or preapproval letter from your bank.


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        Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional REALTOR® and NOT Sell Your Home Without One!

        1.   Pricing - The most important step is pricing your house properly. If you charge too little, then you will always wonder if you lost money on the deal. If your price is too high, you will not get consumers or other REALTORS® to see it. The longer it stays on the market, the more consumers might wonder what is wrong with it.

        2.   Understanding The Market - You need to understand the Real Estate market, especially your own neighborhood -
        A Professional Licensed REALTOR® should have years of experience with laws, contracts, forms and negotiations. Your REALTOR® can give you up-to-date information on what is happening in the marketplace, and the price, financing, terms and condition of the competing properties. These are key factors in getting your property sold at the best price.

        3.   Availability - You must be willing to be available to show the house at different hours of the day to make sure everyone
        may be interested in it will get to see it. If you hire a REALTOR®, they will schedule the appointments and show it on your behalf, and you will not miss any showings.

        4.   Generating Traffic - How can you generate traffic for your house and be able to get the word out about it? An experienced
        REALTOR® will not only list your home on MLS but will have other resources and marketing strategies for increased exposure
        for your house!photo by gabby k @pexels

        5.   Criticism - Can you be patient and understanding with criticism? You will need to be able to handle all different types of personalities and be able to keep your "cool" under pressure, even with non-qualified buyers. You need to have patience and the right temperament for criticism, questions, and repeat showings, and can you pre-approve a buyer? Remember that buyers are not looking to be your friend.

        6.   Answering Concerns Properly - Can you be available to answer questions by phone, email, text, meet-ups and be sure you are answering them correctly? Buyers may not respect your time and want immediate answers to their concerns. By you answering any of their concerns in the wrong manner, you can squash the deal!

        7.   Will You Be Pushing Buyers Away - If you sell your house on your own, buyers will be looking for a deal from you. If a REALTOR® was listing your home, you can expect to get the highest, true market value for it. Some sellers may believe their home is worth more and will remove many potential buyers because it is not priced competitively.

        8.   Relocation Buyers - If you do not use a REALTOR®, how are you going to attract out of state buyers? You might be eliminating a whole group of buyers that will never see your house because relocation buyers will not know about it.

        9.   Professional Networking - REALTORS® network with other professionals in the industry, many who can provide services that you may need. REALTORS® can give you a list of references with whom they have worked and provide background information to help you make a wise selection, besides networking with other Realtors who will be showing your home.

        10.   Contracts and Closing - Another important function of a REALTOR® is to make sure that all the paperwork is handled correctly. Do you want to get through all the stress of listing and selling your house or condo and then find out something that could have been avoided but is now a deal-breaker?
        Can you close the sale of your home without being overwhelmed? Your REALTOR® should be with you throughout the entire process and is the best person to objectively help you resolve any unforeseen issues.

        Photo credits:, Gabby K, Andrea Piacquadio, Khwanchai Phanthong


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          20 Common Home Styles Found in Western North Carolina


           466 Elk Mountain Scenic Highway, Asheville
          Listing Agent Warrene Williams
          Sold, Off Market in 2021

          Low-pitched roof lines, usually a gabled roof, occasionally a hip roof
          Deeply overhanging eaves
          Exposed rafters or decorative brackets under eaves
          Wide front porch beneath extension of main roof or front-facing gable
          Tapered, square columns supporting porch roof
          4-over-1 or 6-over-1 double-hung windows
          Shingle roofs and siding
          Hand-crafted stone and/or woodwork
          Mixed materials throughout structure

          44 Hollywood Street, Asheville
          Listing Agent Joye King Steele
          Sold, Off Market 2020

          One or two level
          Low-slung roof
          Simple design
          Cottage-like look
          Found in older neighborhoods
          Wide porches with tapered square columns
          Small footprint

          CAPE COD 31 Ambler Road, Asheville
          Listing Agent Sandy Lindsey
          Sold, Off Market 2020

          Symmetrical appearance with front entry centered
          Steep roof with side gables
          Small roof overhang
          1 or 1½ stories
          Wood frame with lap, shake, or shingle siding
          Chimney located at gable end of house
          Gabled dormers
          Multi-paned, double-hung windows

          RANCH 10 Brookwood Road, Asheville
          Listing Agent Emily Short
          Sold, Off Market 2020

          Single story
          Long, low-pitch roofline
          Asymmetrical rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped design
          Simple, open floor plans
          Living areas separate from the bedroom(s) area
          Attached garage
          Sliding glass doors opening onto a patio
          Windows with a large glass area, sometimes decorated with non-functional shutters
          Vaulted ceilings with exposed beams often in combination with tongue and groove roof decking
          Mixed material exteriors of stucco and brick, wood or stone
          Deep overhanging eaves
          Cross-gabled, side-gabled or hip roof

          CONTEMPORARY 21 Alabama Avenue, Asheville
          Listing Agent LeNoir Medlock
          Sold, Off Market 2020

          Open floor plans
          Clean lines inside and out
          Unusual window shapes and placement
          Incorporates the latest in materials and finishes, appliances, lighting

          MODERN 405 W Haywood Street, Asheville
          Listing Agent Denise Legendre
          Sold, Off Market in 2020

          Often composed of geometric shapes
          Flat roofs, with or without a slight pitch
          Architects reinterpret the style
          Suited to today’s tech-savvy buyers
          Clean lines and lots of windows

          MID-CENTURY MODERN 30 Deanwood Circle, Asheville
          Listing Agent Katie Wangrin
          Sold, Off Market 2020

          One-story homes with open-concept layout
          Large windows
          Integration with nature
          Flat planes
          Geometric roof angles
          Sliding-glass doors
          Changes in elevation

          COTTAGE 33 Woodvale Avenue, Asheville
          Listing Agent LeNoir Medlock
          Sold, Off Market 2020

          Exterior materials locally sourced
          Fairly steeply pitch roof with gables or dormers
          Simple and interiors
          Small footprint on small lots
          Found in rural and urban areas
          Natural siding
          Have porches or patios

          TUDOR 72 Windsor Road, Asheville
          Listing Agent Simone Bernhard
          Sold, Off Market 2019

          Steeply pitched roof
          Overlapping front-facing gables
          Front exterior mostly covered in brick with timber accent framing 
          Multiple prominently placed brick or stone chimneys
          Tall windows with rectangular or diamond-shaped details
          Front doors with almost castle-like appearance, usually off-center with an arch at the top

          EUROPEAN 129 Orvis Stone Circle, Biltmore Lake
          Listing Agent Barb Fiedler
          Sold, Off Market 2019

          Stucco, stone, classic brick, or a combination exterior
          Detached garage or guest house
          Includes French, Spanish, Italian (including Tuscan), and English styles
          Steeply-pitched hip or gable rooflines
          Decorative details
          Tile roof

          CIRCULAR 76 Hawks Pointe Ln, Weaverville
          Listing Agent Doug Sherry
          Sold, Off Market 2019

          Energy efficient
          Open living areas
          Require less building materials
          Earthquake and wind resistant
          Many windows
          No load-bearing walls
          Self-supporting roof system

          COLONIAL 10 Cherry Lane, Asheville
          Listing Agent Juanita Swann-Gilbert
          Sold, Off Market 2018

          Symmetrical, multi-paned windows
          Symmetrical facades of brick or clapboard
          Gable roofs
          Often have a centrally located entry hall with fireplace
          Pillars and columns
          Two and sometimes three levels
          Rectangular shape

          OLD WORLD 820 Town Mountain Road, Asheville
          Listing Agent Pam Autrey-Hester
          Sold, Off Market 2019

          Usually built on large building lots
          Tudor style, steeply pitched rooflines
          Stone, brick, and/or stucco exteriors
          Turrets, spires, and chimneys
          Family living areas separated from entertaining areas
          Large outdoor entertaining areas

          FARMHOUSE 28 Crabapple Lane, Asheville
          Listing Agent LeNoir Medlock
          Sold, Off Market 2019

          Often have out buildings, barns and/or garages
          Readily available building materials
          Covered porch used as extension of interior (front/back or wrap around)
          Often have clapboard siding on the exterior
          Formal and informal living areas
          Simple roof structure with gables

          TRADITIONAL 116 Alligator Drive, Fletcher
          Listing Agent Mitzi Redinger
          Sold, Off Market in 2019

          Incorporates a wide variety of historical styles
          Warm and comfortable feeling inside
          Typically have one or more fireplaces
          Large front or wrap around porch
          Multi-paned windows
          Brick, stone or clapboard exterior
          Central large kitchen

          POST AND BEAM 236 Longs Chapel Road, Weaverville
          Listing Agent Juanita Swann-Gilbert
          Sold, Off Market in 2021

          Post and beam is a general term for building with heavy timbers. More specific types of post and beam framing are: Timber framing, an ancient traditional method of building using wooden joinery held together with pegs, wedges and rarely iron straps.

          TRANSITIONAL 432 Whitfield Lane, Weaverville
          Buyer's Agent Margaret Price
          Sold, Off Market in 2020

          Transitional style is a balance between Contemporary and Traditional styles
          Transitional homes may include:
          Metal roof and/or metal railing
          Vertical siding
          Contrasting shades, tones, and textures on the exterior
          Oversize glass windows
          Concrete blocks on the exterior façade
          Horizontal awnings

          A-FRAME 154 Timberside Drive, Mars Hill
          Listing Agent Doug Sherry
          Sold, Off Market in 2020

          Steeply-angled sides (roofline) that forms the letter A
          Open interior rafters
          Roof that extends to the foundation
          Walls of windows
          Porches and decks
          Open floor plans

          CABIN 1 Locust Avenue, Asheville
          Listing Agent Emily Short
          Sold, Off Market in 2020

          Sloping, single-gabled timbered roof
          Small windows
          Metal or shingle roof
          Covered Porch
          Simple design and layout
          Logs notched at the ends (log cabin)
          Partitioned main level with loft
          Built of logs (or log-cabin siding) 

          VICTORIAN 23 Dortch Avenue, Asheville
          Listing Agent LeNoir Medlock
          Sold, Off Market in 2016

          Heavy ornamentation
          Gabled roofs
          Towers that are functional and decorative
          A basement with a cellar
          Sash windows with larger panes of glass
          Slate or clay roofing (original feature)
          Landscaping and/or small gardens
          Terraces or Patios
          Covered porches


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            January 2021 Real Estate Market Report




            January started off strong for the housing market, with healthy buyer demand and strong market fundamentals. A robust increase in housing starts in December points to an active year for new construction, but higher material costs, especially lumber, and a limited supply of buildable lots will temper the number of new units.

            New Listings were up in the Asheville region by 0.1 percent to 881.

            Pending Sales increased 39.1 percent to 1,188.

            Inventory shrank 57.6 percent to 1,731 units.

            Prices moved higher as Median Sales Price was up 20.3 percent to $315,000.

            Days on Market decreased 26.3 percent to 56.

            Months Supply of Inventory was down 65.1 percent to 1.5 months, indicating that demand increased relative to supply.

            The Mortgage Bankers Association’s January research estimates approximately 2.7 million homeowners with mortgages are currently in forbearance plans. Some of these homes may eventually come to market, but given the strong appreciation in most market segments in recent years, these eventual home sales are likely to be mostly traditional sellers. However, a modest increase in short sales and foreclosures at some point this year would not be surprising.

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