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Asheville Home Selling Tips

Tips for Selling Your Home

With buyers, first impressions count. A small investment in time and money will give your home an edge over other listings in the area when it becomes time to show your property to a potential buyer.

Here are some suggestions that can help you get top market value for your property.

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General Maintenance
Oil Squeaky doors
Tighten door knobs
Replace burned our lights
Clean and repair windows
Touch up chipped paint
Repair cracked plaster
Repair leaking faucets and toilets
Correct squeaky floors

Clean Up
Shampoo carpets
Clean washer, dryer, and tubs
Clean furnace
Clean fridge and stove
Clean and freshen bathrooms
Clean ceiling fan blades

First Impression
Clean entrance
Make sure the door bell works
Polish door hardware

Curb Appeal
Cut and edge the lawn
Trim shrubs
Weed and edge the garden
Pick up any litter
Clear walk and driveways
Repair gutters and eaves
Touch up exterior paint

During Showings
Try and not be there
Turn on all lights
Light fireplace
Open drapes in day time
Play quiet background music
Keep pets outdoors

The Spacious Look
Clean stairs and hallways
Store excess furniture
Clear countertops
Make closets neat and tidy

Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photography and Video 

  • Make sure light bulbs are replaced and all lights are on. Turn off ceiling fans.
  • Open curtains or shades (unless the view is less than desirable). Make sure shades are pulled at all the same length in each room.
  • Stage rooms if possible. Add flowers for a colorful addition to any room.
  • Remove clutter: stacks of mail, food on counters, organize shelves and counter tops. 
  • Hide personal items: toothbrushes, medicine, dirty clothes, bills, checkbooks, laptops/iPads/cell phones.
  • Move pet related items, such as litter boxes and water bowls/dishes to garages or porches.
  • Place clean and/or matching towels in the bathroom.
  • Fix obvious broken items such as light fixtures, holes in walls, closet doors that need to be re-hung, broken windows.
  • Try to clean large or obvious stains on carpets or hide them.
  • Sweep and vacuum floors.
  • Clean windows inside and outside if possible.
  • Clean counter tops, toilets, and bath tubs.
  • Remove spider webs in corners or on ceiling.

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