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About Me

Roza Tamas prefers being called Rose. Real estate transactions often seem to reflect the Murphy's Law of "whatever can go wrong; will go wrong". Roza knows the intricacies of the real estate transaction and helps her clients avoid potential pitfalls. She is an agent with an extraordinary work ethic and commitment to the task at hand to lead her clients to a seamless transaction. Roza represents the quintessential immigration story. She is a native of Romania and in addition to English; she is fluent in both Romanian and Hungarian. She and her carpenter husband of 42 years, made a life changing decision many years ago when they decided to immigrate to the U.S. for the dream of building a better future for their then young children. They both worked two jobs for years and as a result, today, all three of their daughters are college graduates. After high school Roza married her high school sweetheart and while he worked developing his carpentry skills, she spent many years as a retail sales rep and a head cashier at Loehman's Department Store. It was a natural transition for Roza when she first came to the states to work in retail in E. Brunswick, New Jersey. (I forgot to tell you; she spoke not a word of English when she came to the states, but she says "it was a great place to learn English"!) And no, she doesn’t have a New Jersey accent! She went on from Loehman's to work at J. Crew and she and her family went into private real estate investing in Florida and then relocated to Asheville where she began her real estate sales career. Like most of us, her life revolves around family first and her real estate "family" of clients. Roza loves cooking and entertaining as well as hiking and gardening, or working on construction projects. Her family now has friends all over the United States and they love the opportunity to enjoy vacation experiences in the many different states of their adopted country.